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Broken Cursors
Posted by: free-themes, 2017-07-16, 11:25 - 0 comments

With Photobucket charging user for $400/year, we have decided to pull our cursors out from Photobucket. We are currently moving cursors from Photobucket to this server. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted by: free-themes, 2013-11-28, 13:16 - 0 comments

I know you hate ads but I have to support myself. This is the reason why the site is still up and running. I'm sorry, please understand. Disable it on this site. Thank you. :(

Site Growing...
Posted by: free-themes, 2013-05-28, 18:52 - 0 comments

With more than 500+ cursors and many more coming, I thank you guys for your support. Without you, this site wouldn't exist.

Again, I thank you. I promise for more cursors. If you need some request, go ahead and comment your request here.

Posted by: free-themes, 2012-10-14, 00:00 - 0 comments

If you have any request, please comment below.
Please include your tumblr URL for messaging purposes and shoutouts on tumblr and on this site. :)
Be a Member...
Posted by: free-themes, 2012-10-08, 00:00 - 0 comments

Become a member. When you are a member:
You get no ads - Everyone hates advertisement. and so do I but I have to stay this site up and running.
You get points - More points, more chances of winning a cool prize.

Points setup:
Viewing a cursor: 2 points
Rating a cursor: 5 points
Posting a comment: 7 points
Sending a report: 15 points
Referring a user: 50 points
Submitting a cursor: 100 points

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